Timberlands Dental Clinic

From One Chair to Three: Timberlands Dental Clinic's Journey of Expansion and Online Dominance with Shoutout Digital

Timberlands Dental Clinic expanded significantly by transforming its brand and online presence with Shoutout Digital, achieving top rankings and increased capacity.

Number one in Wanneroo

Expanded to a three-chair practice

20k monthly social media impressions

The Challenge

Timberlands Dental Clinic, under the care of Dr. Amrit and Dr. Stephanie, is on a mission to revitalise its long-standing presence. They’ve stepped into big shoes, taking over a clinic that’s been a community staple since 1992. Facing the challenge of retaining patients accustomed to the former owner, they’re determined to introduce a fresh brand and vision. Their journey with Shoutout Digital is about more than just a facelift; it’s about rekindling the clinic’s spark and welcoming new faces through the door.

The Solution

Website Transformation

For Timberlands Dental Clinic’s transformation, we embarked on a detailed journey, starting with a thorough website redesign that breathed new life into their digital presence. This makeover included rich, engaging content and vibrant, professional photographs, all aimed at showcasing their unmatched commitment to dental excellence.

Branding Enhancement

We also crafted a captivating video introduction for Dr. Amrit and Dr. Stephanie, providing a personal touch that highlighted the clinic’s evolution and their vision for the future.

Social Media Marketing

On social media, we launched a dynamic branding and awareness campaign. This strategy combined informative content with promotional posts, significantly enhancing brand visibility and positioning Timberlands Dental Clinic as a leader in dental care within the community.

Targeted Advertising

Our targeted Google Ads campaign was meticulously planned to reach individuals across Perth, using custom-designed landing pages and ad copy that spoke directly to the needs of potential patients.

This comprehensive approach was carefully tailored to not just update the clinic's online appearance but to solidify its status as a premier destination for dental care, inviting a new era of growth and patient trust.

The Result

After implementing our comprehensive digital strategy for Timberlands Dental Clinic, the results were transformative. Their website relaunch and SEO efforts catapulted them to the number one spot in Wanneroo for dental services, both in reviews and online visibility. This newfound prominence allowed them to expand from a one-chair to a three-chair practice, significantly increasing their capacity for new patients. Additionally, our targeted social media campaigns consistently generated 20k impressions per month, significantly boosting awareness of Timberlands Dental Clinic’s new and improved services.

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