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Shoutout Digital's Comprehensive Strategy Propels Harrisdale Dental Centre to Record-Breaking Growth

Shoutout Digital’s strategy led to record-breaking growth for Harrisdale Dental Centre. This was achieved through website redesign, search engine marketing, social media, messaging, and branding.

163 new patients in one month

Phone calls increased from 200 to 300 a month

Expanded reputation to neighbouring suburbs

The Challenge

Dr. Vidya, stepping into the role of owner at Harrisdale Dental Centre, encountered a mix of challenges. Firstly, the clinic’s digital footprint was barely noticeable – a simple website without any memorable branding didn’t help them stand out. Additionally, the absence of a social media strategy meant missing out on engaging with the community and potential patients online.

Beyond these digital hurdles, Dr. Vidya was also determined to attract patients seeking high-value dental services like implants, veneers, and Invisalign. However, the existing marketing efforts, lacking in both transparency and effectiveness, made this goal seem even more daunting.

Faced with these multifaceted challenges, Dr. Vidya decided it was time for a change and reached out to Shoutout Digital, hoping to transform Harrisdale Dental Centre into the go-to dental practice in Harrisdale and beyond.

The Solution

When Dr. Vidya reached out to us, we saw an opportunity to not just elevate Harrisdale Dental Centre, but to truly transform it. Here’s how we did it:

Website Redesign

We didn’t just redesign; we reimagined the website from the ground up. Inspired by Dr. Vidya’s vision, we selected soothing colour palettes that invite calmness and trust. Professional photography brought the clinic’s warmth and expertise to life, while comprehensive service pages and FAQs provided valuable insights into their specialised services like implants, veneers, and Invisalign. This wasn’t just a facelift; it was about creating an in-depth, informative hub for current and prospective patients.

Nurturing and Messaging

Recognising that attracting leads is only half the battle, we implemented a sophisticated follow-up system. Using the Shoutout Digital messaging app, we ensured that every inquiry received a personalised, timely response, significantly increasing conversion rates from interest to appointment.

Social Media Marketing

We launched targeted social media campaigns designed to engage and attract. Focusing on high-value treatments, these campaigns weren’t just about broad reach; they were about finding the right people at the right time, those interested in making significant investments in their dental health.

Search Engine Marketing

Our approach to making Harrisdale Dental Centre visible online was twofold. Firstly, an aggressive SEO strategy ensured that when people searched for dental services in Harrisdale, our clinic was front and centre. Secondly, our Google Ads campaigns were meticulously crafted, targeting keywords that potential patients for high-value treatments were likely to use. This dual approach guaranteed visibility at the crucial moment of patient decision-making.


Building a brand that resonates wasn’t about being seen; it was about being remembered. Through professional photography and a strategic content plan, we crafted a brand identity that not only increased online and offline awareness but also deeply connected with the community’s values and Dr. Vidya’s vision for Harrisdale Dental Centre.

Targeted Advertising

Our Google Ads campaigns were strategically designed to capture the attention of those urgently seeking dental care or considering dental services like emergency treatments, leveraging precise targeting to maximise patient acquisition.

This comprehensive solution wasn't just about addressing immediate challenges; it was about laying a foundation for long-term growth and success, positioning Harrisdale Dental Centre as the preferred choice for dental care in Harrisdale and beyond.

The Result

After partnering with Shoutout Digital, Harrisdale Dental Centre saw amazing changes. They didn’t just grow a little; they skyrocketed to 163 new patients in just one month, setting a new record for themselves. The buzz around their clinic was so strong that phone calls increased from 200 to over 300 a month. Their online ads really worked wonders, pulling in lots of interest for high-value dental services. And the best part? Their reputation grew not just in their immediate area but spread to neighbouring suburbs, firmly establishing them as the leading dental clinic far and wide. This wasn’t just a win; it was a transformation that put Harrisdale Dental Centre on the map as the preferred choice for dental care in the region.

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