DaVinci Smiles

Transforming Digital Presence and Achieving Exponential Growth in Dental Implant Leads

DaVinci Smiles transformed its digital presence with Shoutout Digital’s tailored marketing strategy. This led to a significant increase in dental implant leads.

Website visitors increased from 200 to 600

Dental implant leads grew by 200%

Almost $500,000 in accepted treatments for dental implants and smile makeovers

The Challenge

Dr. Tony Strangio’s vision for DaVinci Smiles wasn’t just about being another dental clinic in Perth; it was about setting the gold standard for dental implant and smile makeover treatments. But, despite their big dreams and top-notch services, they hit a wall. Their journey was slowed down by a digital marketing strategy that just wasn’t working. The old agency they were with used a generic approach, focusing on bland ad campaigns that failed to capture the essence of DaVinci Smiles or draw in the right crowd.

It was clear to Dr. Tony and his team that if they wanted to transform DaVinci Smiles into the leading name it deserved to be, they needed a marketing makeover just as bespoke and effective as the dental makeovers they provided. That’s when they turned to Shoutout Digital, ready for a partnership that could lift DaVinci Smiles from the shadows and into the spotlight with a robust, tailored digital marketing plan.

The Solution

Here’s how we tailored a comprehensive solution for DaVinci Smiles, focusing on elevating their brand and online presence:

Website Redesign

We embarked on a creative journey to revamp DaVinci Smiles’ online presence, starting with a website makeover. We didn’t just update it; we transformed it into a treasure trove of information on dental implants, complete with over 100 pages of content. Each page was crafted to be engaging, filled with professional photos that not only catch the eye but also tell the story of DaVinci Smiles’ expertise.

Social Media and Branding

On social media, we brought DaVinci Smiles’ brand to life. Through a mix of informative content, stunning before-and-after photos, and heartfelt video testimonials from satisfied patients, we crafted a narrative that resonated with the community. It wasn’t just about showcasing dental work; it was about sharing stories of transformation and confidence regained.

Nurturing System

Recognising the importance of communication, we introduced a seamless system for potential patients to reach out. This meant that anyone curious about getting a dental implant could easily get in touch, receive information, and feel supported throughout their decision-making process.

Google Ads Strategy

Our marketing magic didn’t stop there. We launched a comprehensive Google Ads campaign that blanketed Perth, ensuring that when someone thought about dental implants, DaVinci Smiles was the first name that popped up. We tailored custom landing pages that spoke directly to their needs, backed by a follow-up system that kept the conversation going.

This tailored approach was about more than just addressing immediate needs; it was about setting Byford Smiles on a path to sustained growth and recognition in the competitive dental care market.

The Result

Following our strategic overhaul, DaVinci Smiles witnessed a remarkable transformation. The relaunch of their website wasn’t just a facelift; it resulted in more visitors to their website — from a modest 200 to a staggering 600 a month, purely through organic reach. This surge wasn’t mere numbers; it translated into tangible success, with a 200% increase in dental implant leads. In the span of six months, this led to almost half a million dollars in accepted treatments for implants and smile makeovers, a testament to the campaign’s profound impact.

But the ripple effect didn’t stop with DaVinci Smiles. Their triumph has become a trusted name across Perth, inspiring more dental clinics to embrace the DaVinci Smiles brand for their implant services, thereby broadening the brand’s influence. Moreover, their brand awareness efforts, particularly through video content, began to reach an impressive average of 180k viewers per month, amplifying their message and drawing in a wider audience keen on top-tier dental services.

This story of growth and influence underscores not just the success of a single dental clinic but signals a shift in the dental care landscape in Perth, with DaVinci Smiles leading the charge. Their journey from seeking to enhance their digital presence to becoming a cornerstone for dental excellence and a model for others encapsulates the transformative power of targeted digital marketing and brand development.

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