Byford Smiles

Crafting a Distinctive Brand Identity and Attracting Patients Through Targeted Digital Marketing

Byford Smiles partnered with Shoutout Digital to enhance branding, transform their website, and boost patient acquisition through targeted advertising. This resulted in significant growth and an improved reputation.

Monthly patients increased from 40 to 120

Google reviews rose from 17 to 114

Improved brand awareness

The Challenge

Imagine opening a new dental clinic, Byford Smiles, in a town with dental clinics that everyone already knows and loves. That’s what Dr. Abhi did. He and his team were ready to give top-notch dental care, but there was a problem: not enough people were coming through the door. They hoped for lots of new patients, but they were only seeing about 30-40 new faces each month. Dr. Abhi knew they had something special to offer and wanted everyone in Byford to experience it.

But how could they stand out in a place where some dental clinics had been everyone’s go-to for over 20 years? Dr. Abhi realised they needed help to get their name out there and make sure people knew about Byford Smiles. That’s when he decided to reach out to the experts at Shoutout Digital, a team known for helping dental clinics grow and attract more patients.

The Solution

For Byford Smiles, our comprehensive strategy aimed at transforming their digital presence and patient engagement included:

Website Transformation

The website underwent a significant redesign, prioritising user experience. We highlighted the clinic’s array of services with engaging content, professional photography, and a layout that made finding information seamless for visitors. This wasn’t just a visual upgrade; it was about making the website a resource for both existing and potential patients.

Branding Enhancement

We meticulously crafted Byford Smiles’ brand identity, introducing a custom logo and a distinctive colour palette that truly reflected their commitment to high-quality dental care. This rebranding effort was anchored by clear and compelling brand messaging that communicated their values and expertise.

Strengthening Online Reviews

Recognising the power of patient testimonials, we implemented a strategy to amplify positive reviews. This approach not only built trust with prospective patients but also solidified Byford Smiles’ reputation as a trusted provider of dental services.

Targeted Advertising

Our Google Ads campaigns were strategically designed to capture the attention of those urgently seeking dental care or considering dental services like emergency treatments, leveraging precise targeting to maximise patient acquisition.

Unified Brand Messaging

Ensuring a consistent voice across all platforms was key. By integrating professional video content, we further enhanced brand visibility, presenting an authentic glimpse into the welcoming atmosphere and cutting-edge services offered at Byford Smiles.

This tailored approach was about more than just addressing immediate needs; it was about setting Byford Smiles on a path to sustained growth and recognition in the competitive dental care market.

The Result

Following the tailored strategies implemented by Shoutout Digital, Byford Smiles experienced remarkable growth, tripling their monthly new patient count from 40 to 120. This surge was attributed to enhanced online visibility, effectively targeted Google and social media advertising campaigns, and increased brand awareness. Additionally, their Google reviews skyrocketed from 17 to 114, reinforcing the clinic’s reputation for trust and high-quality service, further solidifying their position as a leading dental care provider in Byford.

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