Beginners Guide To SEO: Tips To Optimise Google My Business

With the days of consumers going to Yellowpages and Directories coming to an end. Business are moving all their marketing efforts online. Not only it makes it easier for a customer to find you online, but, there are also different online directories you can list your business for additional traffic.

This post we are going to cover Tips to Optimise Google My Business. one of the essential online listing you need to have for your business today.


Why is Google My Business Important For Local Business?

Google has recently reported that out of 3.6 billion terms that are being searched on Google every day. 46% of those terms have local intent. 

For example: Emergency Electrician in Perth. 

Yet, despite knowing this information, so many local businesses are not taking advantage of one of the most powerful online platforms that they can use, and that is the Google My Business platform.

Properly optimising your Google My Business can increase your online local visibility resulting in more sales and more leads for your business.

For readers who don’t know what a Google My Business Listing looks like online, here’s an example of a search term “SEO Marketing.”

seo marketing - Shoutout Digital:

Tip 1: Find your Local Competitors:

When we are talking about Google My Business, we are aiming at the Google Maps result or the local snack pack.

Doing a competitive analysis on your local map competition is absolutely crucial for your success in dominating your local industry.

Find out what they are doing online, check their website, how many photos do they have, how many reviews do they have, find out their main categories and sub-categories, and how many times they are posting every week.

Whatever they are doing online, you need to match and mimic what they are doing.

For example, if a competitor who is ranking first in the local results have 50 reviews then set a goal to achieve 55 reviews.

If they are posting three times a week. Post four times a week. And so on.


Tip 2: Title of Your Google My Business Listing

I am sure you have seen the local results with spammy looking Google Listing with no real brand associated to it, but they are ranking in the first result of the map because they have the primary keyword as their Google My Business Title.

Now, you need to be careful with using spammy GMB titles because google has a clear guideline that you need to use your registered business name on your listing.

Adding a city or a suburb at the end of your listing is definitely something that we recommend to give Google the idea where you are and your service area for example: Bill’s Plumbing – Mandurah


Tip 3: Optimising Your Google My Business Categories

 When doing your competitor analysis, make sure you are checking what your competitor’s main category is and copy it. Selecting the right category and sub-categories can definitely push you on the ranking for your selected keywords on the map results.

Add as many sub-categories as you can that’s related to your business.


Tip 4: Business Citation

One of the most important aspects of a highly optimised Google My Business Listing is having an accurate business citation. Citation is a digital reference of your brand or business name, address and phone number.

There are two types of business citation.

  • Structured Citation: Websites like Yelp, Truelocal, Yellowpages and so on
  • Unstructured Citation: Your business name, address and phone number referenced across the web.

One of the most important aspect of citation is consistency. Make sure that your NAP (Name, Address and Phone number ) matches across all citations. Structured and Unstructured.

For example: If you have suites and unit number, make sure its the same for all listings. Your company name should also match. preferably your trading name and not the legal name.

Here’s an example: Bill’s Plumbing is the preferred version rather than Bill’s Plumbing Pty Ltd.

Pro Tip from Shoutout Digital: If you want to find where your main competitors are listed online, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Find your main competitor online and copy their name and phone number. In this example, we will use the top result for “Electrician Perth” Company called Response Electricians.


response electrician gmb exampleStep 2: Write or copy their Google My Business name and phone number. In this case, it’s “Response Electricians” and “( 08 ) 9106 9197”


Step 3: Go to google and type in:

Allintext: “Company Name” “Phone Number” 

using the example above we will use Response Electricians so i will type on Google

allintext: “Response Electricians” “08 9106 9197”

Google will display the Top 100 Citations of the Response Electricians

Here’s the result:

allin text response electrician example

Step 4: Go to every website where your competitor is listed and list your company.

Google is showing you what they want to see to rank you. By using your top competitors data, you can mimic, match and improve whatever strategy they are doing online.


Tip 5: Consistent Business Hours

Business hours ties into your NAP, but we felt that it needs to have its own section because this is very important. 

Having a consistent business hour across the web will not only help your customers, but we feel that Google likes consistency. Make sure that the normal trading hours and the holiday trading hours are consistent on all platforms like Yelp, Truelocal, Yellowpages and other online directories that offers structured citation.


Tip 6: Optimising Your Business Description

The business description is one of the essential parts of your Google My Business Listing. 


Image result for google my business description

A description should be keyword targeted but also very informative as far as the services that you offer. 

You need to make it relevant, have the main keywords and you need to make sure that it walks the customer through what you do and how you do it because this is one of the first things that potential customers will look at.

Tip 7: Uploading Photos 


Optimising your Google my business photos are very important. Upload consistently of photos of your business, what you are doing when at work, staff and team members and more importantly take the time to get a Google Certified Photographer to come out and verify the photo of your business.

It’s like Google going to your business address and take pictures and give their stamp of approval.

Make sure you are uploading photos on a schedule if you have a new staff take a picture and upload it to Google My Business.

If you want to take your Google my business game to the next level, you can even get a Google Certified Photographer to take a photo inside your shop or office and map out the whole place.

It will undoubtedly benefit your business in the long run for the amount of money that you would spend to get a professional photographer to take a picture of your business.

Tip 8: Add a Q&A Section to your Google My Business listing


Image result for q&a section google my business


The reason we would like to add this tip is that the Q&A section is very underutilised and most business ignores the feature. 

Q&A is not only a way to get more content within your listing; it also provides more relevance to your listing and a way to help your customers get the answers they want right there. A good Q&A section can also filter customers who are simply shopping around vs customers who are ready to buy now.


Tip 9: Posting on your Google My Business profile


Same as uploading photos consistently. You need to be posting relevant content on your Google My Business consistently.

Not only it can bring additional traffic to your listing and website, and any traffic can be a potential customer. You can use that opportunity to capture a lead and bring in more sales to your business.

And last but certainly not the least


Tip 10: Getting Clicks To Your Listings


One of the ranking factor of a Google My business is how many people are actually clicking and interacting with listing such as calling, asking for directions or visiting the website.

If you are at the bottom of the Local Snack Pack and you start driving traffic to your listing, we can almost guarantee that this can push your listing to rank two or rank 1.

Getting a significant amount of traffic consistently to your listing or customers searching for your brand, your business will be most certainly one of the unknown ranking factors in the map results.

If you want to learn additional tips and tricks about SEO, Local SEO and Google My Business 

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