How Can Perth Businesses Benefit from Perth SEO?

A local Perth business has a lot to benefit from SEO. This is not an exaggeration that businesses that are not invested in Perth SEO are in a far worse situation than businesses that do.

There are hundreds of advantages to why you should invest a high-quality SEO service, but in this article, we will list the Top Benefits of SEO to businesses in the Perth area.


Top Benefits of SEO for Perth Small-Business


SEO creates a better user experience for your website


SEO is not only about optimizing for search engines, but instead, SEO also focuses on excellent user experience. The website bounce rate is one of the most underrated SEO metrics that only a few Perth companies look at.

What we recommend is focus on making your customer happy when building or designing your website and ranking will follow. Consumer’s attention span in today’s digital world is becoming shorter and shorter, so if you cant provide the information they are looking for a few seconds after landing on your website. Then they will leave.


Improves your conversion rates


A fully optimized website is fast, user-friendly, and authoritative. These qualities all translate to a better conversion rate.

After all, SEO for Perth businesses has the highest conversion rate ( 14% ) out of all marketing channels, such as PPC or print advertising ( 1.7% )


This is why SEO also has the highest return of investment out of all the marketing channels for Perth companies.


Increases Brand Awareness and credibility


One of the main advantages of ranking in the top search result is increased brand awareness and credibility.


According to a recent study, users are most likely to trust a brand when it appears in the top results of Google, rather than a company that’s on the third page of the search result. Pair this with a great website with tons of information about your service, product, or niche, and you have the perfect combination to generate more sales and leads for your business.


We are not in the ’90s anymore, and Google and other search engines such as Bing plays a significant role in everyone’s lives when they have a question or need a specific service.


SEO generates high-quality traffic


data-preserver-spaces=”true”>SEO is an inbound marketing strategy. Unlike your normal outbound marketing channels such as cold calling, cold emails, print ads, and pay-per-click ads. SEO focuses on inbound traffic, which means you are not disrupting a consumer’s day by your sales offer.

Outbound marketing usually is marketer focused while inbound marketing is customer-focused.


Perth SEO Company Tips - Inbound vs Outbound Marketing


Consumers today are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements every single day. And let’s be honest, most of the marketing ads that you see are downright annoying.


Inbound marketing, on the other hand, focuses on creating helpful information and content that can help them make their buying decision.


Hubspot also published a report that 59% of marketers said that SEO or inbound marketing had provided the highest quality of leads in terms of sales.


You don’t pay for every click in SEO


Google’s search results are pages or website that is the most relevant to the searcher’s query.


For example, if someone is looking for an SEO agency in Mandurah, we are the top result since our website has a relevant topic about SEO and the Mandurah area.

mandurah seo - shoutout digital - seo agency


This means that once you created a web page or article that Google thinks is the most relevant to the searcher, it will continue to drive traffic and leads to your website for months without your Perth company paying for it.


Researching high-quality content requires an investment in the form of your time or paying a Perth SEO company or a content writer. But once you made that investment, there is no ongoing cost to generate traffic from those articles.


Pay-per-click ads or Facebook Advertising in Perth, on the other hand, you pay for every single click, which means that as soon as you stop paying for the ads, the traffic stops.


Here’s the average cost-per-click across all industries.

PPC different industries - Benefits of Perth SEO - Shoutout Digital

By investing in a high-quality Perth SEO Service data-preserver-spaces=”true”>, you can generate the same amount of traffic without paying for the ongoing cost.


Dominating Your Competition with SEO


In today’s digital age, SEO needs to be a part of any marketing strategy.

According to Hubspot’s State of inbound report. 61% of marketers say that SEO and improving their online presence is the top priority for any marketing strategy.


Benefits fo <a href=Perth SEO – State of Inbound Marketing – Shoutout DIgital” width=”647″ height=”254″ />What this means is if you are not doing it, most likely, your competitor will, and by the time you start investing in a Perth SEO service, your competitor would have gained the advantage they need.


Generate more traffic to your business


Did you know that over 70% of searchers click on the organic search result even though Pay-per-click ads appear on top of a Google search result?

Consumers hate being sold, but they love to buy. As soon as they see the word “ad” they are automatically put-off by the offer. This is why instead of clicking the PPC result, most searchers still click the organic result.


SEO can reduce your advertising cost


A successful SEO campaign can reduce not only your online advertising such as Facebook ads and PPC ads but also your traditional advertising cost.


A well-planned SEO strategy your Perth business can rank in the first page of the search results for your most profitable keywords that shows the buyer’s intent.


This gives you the option to cut-back on your outbound marketing cost and reinvests it on other parts of your business. 


Most business owners in Perth find that after the first year of investing in a Perth SEO Service, that it’s a more cost-efficient solution than your traditional advertising and marketing.




SEO needs to be part of every marketing strategy for business. It presents a tremendous amount of benefits that no other marketing channel can offer.


If you want to learn how to implement a good SEO strategy and what to look for when purchasing a Perth SEO service. We created the guides below:

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If you are ready to start your SEO campaign, contact Shoutout Digital – SEO Agency, SEO specialist, at 1300 879 983 or by clicking here. So we can start your free strategy session to discuss your business goals and how we can achieve them using SEO for Perth Companies.

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