Tips To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing 2019

If you want to get more customers visiting your store or business then you need to claim and start optimizing your Google My Business Listing.


Over the last few years, Google has made a few changes on the Google My Business features, so much so that you may well find you’ve missed one or two, and as such are no longer using your Google My Business profile as effectively as you might think.


There are many ways how you can improve your Google My Business listing and today we are sharing a few tips to get the most out of it and drive traffic to your local store.


Why Google My Business is crucial for any business


Every business with a storefront or a physical location needs to have a Google My Business listing. It provides a lot of information to consumers and offers your business a local search presence.


Setting up your Google My Business listing is free, it’s quick and easy to setup. Once you have completed your listing you can then start the optimization process to boost your local presence.


Your Google My Business profile needs to be updated and optimized to tell Google everything it needs to know about your business details, address and phone number.


As per a recent study 50% of searchers who make a local search end up visiting the store on the same day. This is why small business owners must be optimizing their Google My Business listing


Accurate Name, Address and Phone number


The first step in optimizing your Google My Business page for local search is to ensure that your foundations are done well. This means that your business name, address, and phone number or (NAP) is correct, up-to-date and consistent across local business citations.


Citation help with business discovery, they can help consumers to find your business, and they feed Google the information it needs to help rank your business. If your NAP is inaccurate on other business directories it makes it harder for costumers to find your listing.


For example, you might enter XYZ company as your Google My Business listing but on your Yellowpages, it’s XYZ Pty Ltd.


Here are all relevant Australian directories to list your business and to make sure the NAP is accurate across different directories.


Detailed Business Description


Your business description should describe your business in an engaging and authentic manner and it shouldn’t reference sales terms and promotions. You can add up to 750 character description to your profile.


The description tells searchers about your unique selling proposition, your story, and why they should do business with you.


We recommend picking one or two keywords to build your description around and ensure that search phrase appears early in the text. To get the most out of your description make sure you are also adding your business location in the description.


Make sure you choose the right category and sub-category


The category plays a major role in your local search ranking as it tells Google which searches your business could be relevant for.


as per google,

“Categories are used to describe your business and connect you to customers searching for the services you offer. For example, if your primary category is “Pizza restaurant”, Google may show your business in local search results to people who search for “Restaurants”, “Italian restaurants” or “Pizza” in their area.”


If you are a Pizza shop choosing the correct category is fairly simple, but that’s not usually the case for other businesses.


In some instances, there isn’t a choice that suits your business on the category selection. For example, a law firm can practice many areas of law, from corporate to environmental to family matters. If you are unsure of what category to select, the primary category should be the category that is most important to your business.


Google also mentioned that the category that you are selecting needs to be specific. For example, if you own a nail salon, your primary category should be ‘nail salon’ rather than just a salon. Having an accurate category is better for optimizing your Google My Business profile and it tells Google what exactly do you offer.


As for the secondary category, it outlines additional services that you might offer. Here are some examples from Google – If you run a grocery store with a pharmacy and a deli on-premises, ‘supermarket’ should be your primary category and ‘pharmacy’ and ‘deli’ then added as secondary categories.


A picture says a thousand words


A recent report shows that 60% of consumers said that local search results with great looking images captured their attention.


Other reports also found that images give posts 3 times more chance of being shared on social media. So for example, if you are a builder make sure you are adding professionally captured photos of your work to showcase on your Google My Business listing.


Google gives you a lot of options when it comes to images so you must add photos that will capture your potential customer’s attention. If you have a great looking office or store you can add interior and exterior photos. You can even add videos on your listing to give searchers a quick tour of your office or store.


Asks, monitor, and respond to your Google My Business reviews


If you are looking at generating more reviews for your Google My Business listing then check out our Reputation Management tool only available for existing clients.


The reason why you should be asking every single customer for review is that they influence the buying decision of a searcher. For example, if someone searches for a ‘Pool cleaning service’ one company on the result got 100+ 5 star reviews while the other company got 20 5+ star reviews most likely the searcher will call the business with 100+ reviews first before the other business with fewer reviews. generating positive reviews for your business can have a direct impact on sales.


A recent survey did also found that more than half of consumers will only use a business if it has four or more stars- increasingly, this means that you need reviews to generate new customers. Typically, 50% of consumers will visit a local business website after reading a positive review, 15% will visit the business location, and 13% will contact the business directly.


You are more likely to rank 1-3 if you have Google Reviews attached to your Google My Business profile.


Make sure that you create a consistent process for requesting online reviews or you can use an automation tool like our reputation management to automatically ask your customers for review.
You also need someone to monitor and respond to every review Good or Bad.


Use Google Posts to showcase your business


Posts are crucial to your Google My Business listing optimization process. Posts are blogs to your Google My Business page which can be used to update, share an offer or any upcoming event.


Google posts are a fantastic way to increase your local search visibility as well as optimize your Google My Business profile.


Here are some steps to create a post on your Google My Business listing:

  • Log in to Google My Business
  • Click on ‘Post’
  • Select post type (update, event, offer or product)
  • Upload a relevant image or video
  • Write your content (you’re allowed up to 1,500 characters)
  • Select button type to display below your Post and add your link

Add Q&A on your listing


Q&A allows searchers to ask questions about your business. The purpose of the Q&A is to give searchers and local consumers additional information about your business- which is a great way to gain local exposure and further build your profile as part of your optimization efforts.


This is essentially your FAQ’s page. the good thing about this section is you can also add questions and answer them. We suggest listing the most common questions you get from customers and adding them all on the Q&A section.


Be Social


Part and parcel of optimizing a GMB profile are ensuring it is as complete and up-to-date as possible. As we have seen throughout, there are some serious search visibility benefits to be had if you complete your profile information, update often and make the most of the myriad GMB features.


In some knowledge panel search results, social media profiles will appear alongside local business information. Google explains,


“When people search for your business on Google, they may see links to your business’s social profiles included with your other business information in the knowledge panel in Search. Google gathers business information from a variety of sources and may include it to give customers a more detailed overview of your business. Social profile information is automatically added to listings for eligible businesses.”


make sure that you complete your social media verification. This tells Google that your social media profiles are real and connected to your business. To get the most out of this part make sure that your social media profiles are updated often.


Final Words


Knowing how to get the most out of your Google My Business profile can give your business a significant boost in traffic, sales and leads.

While other parts of your profile can only be done once, others, such as posts and images need to be updated on a regular basis to get the most out of your business profile.

If you want to take your local search presence to the next level and get more sales, leads and traffic to your local store then contact one of our Local SEO specialists to discuss your business goals and how we can achieve it using the power of Local search results.