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You care about your customers, and you want their experience with you to be memorable. Well, these days the experience doesn’t start when they step foot in your store, it starts with their first search for your store. And most of the time, their search starts with Google.

Make your customers’ experience memorable by making it easy and convenient. Don’t make them look any harder for your business information than they have to because most people don’t like to work harder than necessary and enjoy being taken care of.

Think of it this way, if you own a small business, you are not going to let your clients lurk around until they find something to buy. Will you? Most likely you will guide them through the process of finding the perfect product or service that suits their need. 

You may be comfortable with your clientele, they live in the neighbourhood why would they need your address? Well, you could not be more wrong.

In fact, 71% of people say they look up and confirm the location of a business before going to it the first time. To add to this, 33% of smartphone searches were made right before a store visit. What you need to understand about local SEO is that it’s a double win for a small business. 

Online Marketing Checklist by Shoutout Digital

Download Our Online Marketing Checklist

Over the years working with hundreds of local business owners and reviewing thousands of websites, we have discovered the key elements of a successful Internet marketing strategy, and we’ve boiled it down to a simple checklist.

This checklist will help you identify what is missing from your current strategy and what you must focus on next to take your company to the next level.

Why Us?

Why Choose Us
As Your Next Local SEO Agency Partner

Shoutout Digital is one of Perth’s fastest-growing Local SEO Company, and we take great pride in delivering amazing results to our clients here in Perth. We know what it takes to drive highly targeted traffic to your brick and mortar store and turn them into paying customers.

  • Our Local SEO Perth Packages are designed to help you achieve your business goals. We believe in transparent pricing, and our marketing packages are listed on our website for full transparency. Our pricing structure allows us to service small to medium businesses.
  • Decades of Search Engine Optimisation Experience. At our Local SEO agency, our experienced team of SEO specialists are dedicated to your success and growth of your business by following only the best practices to achieve the best possible results.
  • We assign a dedicated growth manager to your business who will ensure that all of our marketing strategies are aligned to your business goals.
Case Studies

Amazing Local SEO Results We Achieved

Shoutout Digital’s exceptional team will work to build a long-term partnership with you. Our knowledgeable marketing experts will work with you to understand your business’s needs, then custom tailor the best strategy for you to maximize the return on your investment.

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Your Investment

Flexible Local SEO Packages

We have experience working with business of all sizes and are ready to
develop a custom strategy and plan that’s just right for you.


  • Creating Business Citations
  • Google My Business Posting
  • Google My Business Q&A
  • Authority Building to increase the local map visibility
  • Average Campaign 4-6 Months
  • Suitable for Low to Medium Competition


  • Website Optimisation
  • Content / Blog Post Creation
  • High-quality backlink acquisition campaign
  • Website Audit
  • Call, Leads, and Revenue Tracking
  • Creating Business Citations
  • Google My Business Posting
  • Google My Business Q&A
  • Authority Building to increase the local map visibility
  • Average Campaign: 4-6 Months
  • Suitable for Medium to High Competition
  • Real-time Campaign Dashboard


  • Website Optimisation
  • Content / Blog Post Creation
  • High-quality backlink acquisition campaign
  • Website Audit
  • Call, Leads, and Revenue Tracking
  • Creating Business Citations
  • Google My Business Posting
  • Google Review Generation campaigns
  • Google My Business Q&A
  • Authority Building to increase the local map visibility
  • Average Campaign: 4-6 Months
  • Suitable for Medium to High Competition
  • Real-time Campaign Dashboard
our benefits

We will turn your marketing budget into profits


We will create an automated system that will generate a consistent flow of customers looking for your service using our proven marketing strategies



We will turn your online properties like Website, Google My Business listing, Social Media Pages into a vending machine of sales and leads that you can tap into.



We will help you set up an automated system that nurtures your leads for you, making your website run like a well-oiled sales machine.
Our Local SEO Process

Step-by-Step Perth Local SEO Process

Website Optimisation

A strong foundation is vital to your digital marketing and Local SEO strategy and the success of your Perth Local SEO campaign.

Your website (or landing page) is a major part of that foundation. Ensuring your website is properly optimised and aligned with Google's and other search engine's best practices is an advisable first step and where our process starts.

Our approach to website optimisation is conversion-focused, employing improvements to the user experience and technical, behind-the-scenes changes that only your search engine sees. We follow a 36-point checklist, but some of these technical improvements include:

  • Unique and descriptive page titles and meta descriptions
  • Keyword-rich HTML heading tags
  • Optimising images regarding file size and alt tags
  • Internal links plus authoritative outbound links
  • Structured Schema Implementation

Conversion-focused improvements vary according to individual needs and industry. Still, they may include navigation menus, reformatting pages for a better user experience, and ensuring your calls to action are clear and sensible.

Your website or landing page influences the visibility of your Google My Business page as well. This is the other integral part of your Perth Local SEO Campaign, which we go into more detail in the next section below.

Google My Business Optimisation

Your Google My Business listing is the other key element of local SEO optimisation. We described this element in full above, including screenshots of the Google Maps, Local 3-Pack, and knowledge panel listings. When you first sign with Shoutout Digital, we ensure your GMB page is claimed, set up correctly, categorised, and optimised accordingly.

Google updates GMB constantly, so we stay up-to-date on new developments to capitalise on early adopter opportunities. Our Google My Business checklist ensures your online presence looks as professional as possible to portray you as the obvious choice compared to your competitors.

Review Generation

They're a vital part of local SEO and overall online presence, expected to continue growing in importance through 2020 and beyond.

These days, reputation is everything these days, especially when the internet makes it easy for consumers to research products or services before making a final decision. Knowing the importance of reviews, we invested significant time and money into creating a review and reputation management system that we believe is the best available today. We are proud of this system. A week doesn't go where we aren't celebrating another win with one of our clients stemming from an impressive collection of online reviews.

Citation Building and Clean up

Although less important than the early days of the Internet, citations remain an important aspect of Perth local SEO. At one time, they were one of the most important ranking factors. Businesses could literally outrank their competition in local results and on maps by having the most citations! Those days are gone.

Since then, local SEO Perth has become much more complex, and that strategy eventually burned out as Google's algorithm progressed. Having said that, a consistent and accurate citation portfolio on the web's "top 15" directories still proves to be a significant ranking factor. According to the latest study put out by MOZ, citation signals still account for 10.82% of all the local ranking factors.

We view directory listings as potentially being the differentiator, or tiebreaker, in the cases when all else is pretty much even between you and your competition. A robust online presence with your profile fully built out on our chosen top 15 and other industry-relevant sites give your business the edge in the rank war.

Our directory building process is simple: Hand-entered citations on our top 15 and the most relevant directories to your niche with accurate NAP or Name, Address, and Phone Number. We have compared hand-entered citations versus automatic submission programs in our own experiments, which have become quite popular. Those have their advantages, especially when they save. Still, within such a competitive landscape, the details matter – and that includes citation building.

Reporting & Analytics

We understand that analytics and reporting don't directly influence your rankings. Still, we have decided to include it anyway since we feel it to be so important. After all, it is an essential part of our Local SEO process. We strongly advocate measuring and comparing results and making strategic adjustments according to that data to achieve the most optimal results every time.

As the great management guru, Peter Drucker said, "What gets measured gets managed." We provide clear and informative monthly reports that show the good and the bad. We strongly believe it is advantageous for you to know the online health of your Local SEO and your ROI. The goal is to demonstrate monthly improvements to you and be transparent when there is a bad month using our real-time dashboard.

Our Business Growth Approach

We Follow A Simple 3-Step Process To Grow Your Business


We will conduct a comprehensive strategy & competitive analysis session that will uncover your competitors winning strategies online, and we will create a plan specifically designed to dominate your competitors.


Once we determined the winning strategy to take your business to the next level. We will start the implementation of our Local SEO strategy by using white-hat SEO strategies and content creation

Moving Forward

Once we have achieved the desired results, we will start the customer nurturing process to help increase your customer's life-time value and increase brand retention.

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Why Local SEO?

How can Local SEO Perth
Help My Business Grow

Here are a few stats that prove how important local search optimisation for local businesses in Perth.

  • 50% of people who did a local search on their phone went to a physical store within one day.
  • 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day
  • 78% of local-based searches on a mobile device end in purchases being made offline
  • 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses, with 12% looking for a local business online every day.

Local Search is highly targeted

The main reason consumers perform a local search is to find a local business. Majority of local searchers are looking for a specific business within the local area.

Local search has the highest conversion rate of all marketing channels

Local directories like Yelp, Hotfrog, Yellowpages, and Truelocal dominate the local search result. On some cases, the conversion rate goes as high as 50% on some directories. This is why listing your business accurately on quality online directories can help bring in more leads to your business.

High ROI ( Return-on-investment)

Unlike traditional outbound marketing such as newspaper, radio ads, and direct mail, there is little wasted exposure with Local SEO in Perth because it is inbound marketing. Meaning you reach potential customers when they need you not when they don't.

Positive reviews = Sales

One of the main factors of a highly-optimised Google My Business is to have an excellent online review generation strategy. Not only it increases your online ranking, but it can also increase your conversion rate

Local based search is increasing ever year

As more and more people turn to Google search to find a local business, the competition will only become fiercer within the next few years. Now is the time to start your Local SEO campaign.


Most Commonly Asked Questions About Local Search Engine Optimisation

What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimisation, or Local SEO for short, is a way of marketing your business online using location-based Search Engine Optimisation methods. If used correctly, it can be extremely effective.

Local SEO has many similarities to traditional local marketing, but when implemented well, it can produce far greater results. Traditional localised marketing involves getting your advert in front of people in a specific area (maybe a local newspaper ad, or posting flyers through letterboxes). Whilst some of these people you are paying to reach are interested in what you are providing, many are not, and they will simply ignore your efforts. It’s wasteful and inefficient.

Where local SEO surpasses this is the focus on getting your advert in front of people who are actually interested in what you are providing. Local SEO gets your products and services featured on search engines and other digital marketing platforms, so they are in front of your customers when and where they want them. You’re not wasting time and money putting your ads in front of people who don’t care. Instead, you are specifically targeting people who want what you are providing.

There are several tactics you can take to maximise your local SEO: from the basic, such as listing your business on directories like Yelp and Google My Business, to the advanced, such as creating specifically localised content on your site. In this blog post, we’re going to look at these various local SEO tactics you can employ, breaking down how to utilise them to improve your local SEO ranking.

Who needs Local SEO?

You might be asking yourself at this point: “who needs local SEO”? The answer to that, in my opinion, is everyone who interacts with their customers at some point. From the largest national corporations to the smallest local company, every business can benefit from optimising their local SEO. The only exception would be businesses that are entirely online only. If there is any part of your customer journey that requires a customer to come to you, or you to go to them, you need local SEO.

For local businesses, the benefits are obvious. They serve a local area, so people searching for the services/products they provide in that area need to be able to find them. But what about national businesses? How do they benefit from local SEO?

Let’s take a fictional gardening company that services the entire Perth as an example. You will have a head office, and may even have several remote offices, but your area of service isn’t just limited to the area(s) around the office(s). Let’s say your head office is located in Victoria Park, but you want to appear for customers looking for a gardener in Mandurah, Organically, you simply aren’t going to rank for these searches; a gardener in Victoria Park is no use to a customer in Mandurah, You could open up a new office in the area you want to rank in, but that’s a little extreme, not to mention expensive, to appear in search results for an area you already cover.

By using local SEO, you can make it clear to search engines and users that you provide your services in near Victoria Park, as well as your hometown Mandurah, getting your website in front of users looking for your services in areas you cover.

How Is Local SEO Different From Regular SEO?

Google and other search engines have been localising search engine results to create a better end user experience. For example, if you are in Perth and search for “plumbers”, Google will display listings of local plumbers to your IP address (where you did the search from). It wouldn’t make sense, for Google to display plumbers from Sydney in the search engine results so it has implemented localized search results. Regular SEO has the same principles of local SEO but it is not specific to a geographic area. Companies will find it easier to rank locally because of the local search algorithms. But through the use of high quality content and a user-friendly website, your reach should grow out of your immediate area into the broader search engine results.

Will I Need To Make Changes To My Website?

Yes, you will need to make changes to your website. You should be making routine changes to your website anyway like adding service content and blog posts. The search engines love content and the more relevant the content is, the better for your local and national SEO strategy.  The low hanging fruit will be to change title tags, headers, metas, ALT tags, etc. after we conduct keyword research. But there is so much more when developing a solid content marketing strategy. If you spend the time and build out a good content strategy, your SEO will fluorish.

What Is Google My Business And What Does That Do For Me?

A Google My Business account is a free business listing from Google. You don’t hear the word “free” too much, right? Your local business listing appears on the right column in Google search when people are searching for your business. Your business listing could also appear in the Google Map display down the center of the search results.  After you claim your business listing, you can update your listing with images, hours of operation, website URL, phone and much more.

Why does Google My Business matter? What does it have to do with SEO for my website?

In order to understand what Google My Business has to do with SEO, let’s quickly define the difference between traditional SEO and local SEO:

Traditional SEO: The process of optimizing your website to show up high in the search results when someone searches a phrase relevant to your website/industry.

Local SEO: Local SEO doesn’t just focus primarily on your website, but it also focuses on your Google My Business listing that shows where your business is located, shows your business hours, etc. This helps people find you when they are looking for your kind of services within their area.

With local SEO, there are 3 factors that are absolutely critical: proximity to the user, prominence of your business (does it rank well in traditional organic search), and relevance to the user’s query. In other words, are you near the user? Are you seen as authoritative? And, does your business answer the question(s) asked by the person searching?

Your Google My Business listing is important because it’s what helps your business to show up in local search results on Google Maps and the Map Snack Pack. For example, if someone searches, “Web design companies near me,” it’s the Google My Business listings for local web design companies that will show up at the top of the results. Additionally, based on the types of schema and structured data markup, your maps listing may be featured in the right sidebar as a recommended listing. Basically, Google uses business listings in locally focused search phrases, not your website.

Can I rank for a city nearby that does not have my physical store location?

The answer is, not with local SEO when it comes to your business listing. The goal for local SEO is for people to be able to find something they’re looking for within a certain area. If I’m looking for a Chiropractor in Perth, it would be really frustrating for Google to be pulling up options from Geraldton.

You can organically draw people to your site by making it clear that you serve surrounding areas. You can do this within the content of your site. However, be clear about where you are located. 

How do you do SEO?

There are two main aspects of SEO: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing elements on your website for search engines. This includes but isn't limited to content on your websites, images on your website, blogs, and HTML. On-page SEO encompasses many different disciplines such as website speed, blogging, content, user experience, and so much more. Any area of your website that Google “sees” is subject to on-page optimization.

Off-page SEO is the practice of optimizing elements off of your website for search engines. Probably the biggest example of off-page SEO is backlinks, however, there are lots of other elements such as social media, external blogs and many other factors that might come into play.

When we “do” SEO on a website, we simply improve the on-page and off-page factors of your website so that Google will see your website in a more favourable position.

How long does SEO take?

When looking at any marketing deliverable or strategy, anyone buying on for service is always wondering how long it will take to see results.

It's important to remember and express to clients in the beginning that SEO is a long term investment, and can eventually be your biggest traffic driver if you give it the time it deserves.

SEO requires ongoing attention and is definitely not a one-time thing. Your SEO strategy takes time, planning, and readjusting to achieve and maintain search rankings, ROI, and overall traffic growth.

Whether you're redesigning your site to be more SEO friendly or your updating your target keywords, each and every change you make can affect your SEO efforts by showing quantifiable results.

Why can’t I just buy ads and skip SEO?

A common question asked by potential clients during the sales process is why they can't just buy ads and forget about SEO. The answer, SEO and PPC work better when used together. Even though these verticals are addressed through different strategies, the efforts complement each other.

You can increase your visibility and exposure, keyword research (paid and organic) can be shared, best performing ad copy can help when it comes to creating an organic content strategy, and much more when it comes to department collaboration.

In addition to working well together, SEO and PPC both play important roles in the conversion funnel on their own while still working together. SEO creates awareness and interest through content at the top of the funnel, whereas PPC tends to drive users to the bottom of the funnel to take action.

How do you report on SEO?

There are a variety of ways you can report on this digital marketing vertical. Since SEO is more of a long term investment, your insights can range from organic traffic to keyword ranking performance. Depending on where you’re tracking, Google Analytics tends to be the mothership of data pulling platforms.

In addition to Google Analytics, there’s Google Search Console, SEM Rush, Google My Business, and other helpful platforms. When it comes to the most intriguing data, our team tends to report on the following:

  • Total Organic Traffic and Year-over-Year (YoY) changes
  • Organic Conversion Rates and Goal Competitions
  • Time on Site and Bounce Rates
  • Local SEO Performance (if applicable)
  • Landing Page Performance
  • Blog Performance
  • Keyword Ranking Performance
  • Insights, Next Steps, and Recommendations

What’s up with SEO packages for $299 or $399?

These packages are normally cookie-cutter packages that do little to nothing to help your website in the search engines. We've even seen these packages hinder SEO in the past, for some of these “SEO packages” actually build shady backlinks or insert scripts or widgets into your website.

The old saying is true: you get what you pay for. Pre-2010 a $299 SEO package might have given you some results. Now, it not only won't help you but it may cause problems for your website in the short or long term.

Why won’t my website rank?

If you've attempted SEO in the past and can't seem to rank, this could be due to a number of reasons. The first reason could be you have a Google penalty. Sometimes people are working with an active Google penalty and don't even know it.

Other reasons might be that you just haven't done SEO correctly or you are in a super competitive niche. Think about the industry “auto insurance.” In Perth alone, there are dozens of insurance agencies. Tens of thousands or more nationwide. Some of these have multi-million dollar budgets dedicated to SEO. Now imagine a small mom and pop insurance agency trying to compete with them in any city. These larger companies not only want to rank on Google nationwide, but they want to rank in every major city.

Do I Need to Hire Someone to Do SEO for Me?

No, but how much is 50% of your total website traffic worth to you?

Similar to almost any other profession, you can do it yourself, but will always see the best results when you bring in experts to help. You can do your business' taxes on your own, but choose to hire a professional because you know that they will be worth the investment.

If your business' marketing budget is less than a few hundred dollars per month, take the DIY approach to SEO. Any “expert” charging less than a few hundred dollars per month is going to be a risky investment. They may land you in some hot water with Google.

For those who would rather hire a professional ensure that you hire a trusted professional, or come explore our SEO services to see how we would help you to scale your business today.

Should I start SEO before or after my website is built?

We highly recommend that SEO is implemented during the creation of your website. It is might easier to build SEO into your website during the creation phase than to build it in after the fact.

Imagine the first time you go on a date with someone. You want to be sure you have the best manners, smell great and look ravishing. Similarly with SEO, the first time Google sees your website you want to make sure it loads fast, has the right keywords implemented, and looks great.

You don’t want Google to see an un-optimized version of your website the first time it crawls your website.

Are there any keywords that you cannot rank?

We cannot rank you for phrases already taken by another client. It would be unfair to rank 2 clients for the same phrase since only 1 can be the winner. Also there will be some phrases so competitive we just cannot guarantee increased rankings. If that is the case we will advise you before we start our SEO Perth campaign 

How many backlinks can I expect every month?

We do not sell packages by backlinks. Services that sell packages based on a number of backlinks may get tempted to produce low-quality links using spammy tools. The primary feature that sets our packages apart is we focus only on quality content distribution. We hand prepare the core resources and this original content ‘sticks’ in the search engine longer.

Where is your team based?

Shoutout Digital is a locally owned small-business here in Perth. We have team members in Australia, UK, USA and Philippines. The team has been hand recruited and received intense internal training before being assigned to our clients campaigns.

When I checked at the position of my target keywords in Google, it doesn’t seem to match with the result from your report. Why?

Results will  fluctuate on a daily basis and are entirely unique to each searcher based on their location and browsing history. The results we report have been checked with a clear browser cache and randomized IP addresses to simulate a fresh search.