Peel Dental Studio Case Study

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About Peel Dental Studio

In 1985, Dr Bailey moved to Mandurah with his wife Daphne and purchased an established practice from a retiring dentist it was then known as Pinjarra Road Dental Clinic Mandurah they renamed it Peel Dental Studio. 

Peel Dental Studio is one of the most reputable dental clinics in Mandurah. They’re known for delivering excellent treatment to patients for more than 35 years, and their friendly staff makes everyone feel at home from the moment they walk through their doors!

Despite having a long history of helping people in the community, most of their patients are still from an older generation. The Peal Dental Studio has found that their old school style of dental care is not good enough for the current generation and were looking to cater more towards them.

Our Strategy

Now we knew what they were after. We were able to put together a strategy for Peel Dental Studio that was straightforward and focused on attracting millennials. From the ground up, we redesigned an easy-to-navigate website with features specifically tailored to reaching younger people. The website was fast & responsive ( mobile friendly) paired with a relevant social media strategy.

Once we established the key areas to focus on, it was easier for us to create a customized marketing campaign that would suit them. We mapped out specific goals depending on locations and channelled our efforts to dominate the local market with a solid SEO strategy.

Introducing an Old Favorite to a New Crowd

Most of our efforts were around producing high-quality content for different service pages like Dental Implants, Crowns & Bridges and Veneers. The purpose of this optimized content is to draw in non commercial searches from the younger demographic that Peel Dental Studio aims to reach.

With a team of talented writers and content creators in house, we were able to produce high quality engaging content that serves as a tool to entice younger audiences to engage with Peel Dental Studio’s content.

This strategy provides two benefits one is to engage young families and the other is to create online authority for Peel Dental Studio.

The Results

209% Year Over Year Growth

With the combination of content production, white-hat link building, and good website structure. We manage to achieve a 206% year over year growth in organic traffic since we started the campaign at around March of 2020. 

From around 40 organic traffic to 1,800 organic traffic per month!

From a small website that gets around 40 visits per month to an authority site that’s generating:

  • 1.7k organic traffic per month
  • 200+ phone calls per month
  • 60-80 new patients per month
  • 46 dental related keywords on top 3 results!
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Want The Same Results?

In the 21st century, it is nearly impossible to be a successful dental practice owner without an SEO and Digital Marketing strategy. When people search online for dentists in their area they are often influenced by recommendations from friends or reviews on Google or social media sites which can make all of the difference when choosing who will provide them with dental care.

We are Shoutout Digital. Our team of experts is here to help dental clinics stand out and rank higher than their local competitors with a tailor-made business growth system that will steer your company’s success in the industry.