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Byford Smiles SEO Results

Byford Smiles is Dr Abhi’s brainchild. He felt the need to provide advanced dentistry services to the fastest growing community of Byford suburb located on the south-eastern edge of Perth, Western Australia which has experienced rapid residential and business growth in recent years.

With the help of a team of highly skilled and dedicated doctors, Dr Abhi started Byford Smiles with the intention of serving the Byford community with the experience and expertise they gained from his practice Prospect Road Dental Surgery in Armadale.

They had a promising start to their business, but one year later their growth had stagnated as a result of unreliable inbound lead flow and poor online visibility. When other local practices were doing well, they felt the need to change their marketing approach.That's when they partner with Shoutout Digital to turn things around and help them increase their practice's online visibility and website conversion rate.


Our Strategy

When we met Dr. Abhi and looked into his online presence for Byford Smiles, our first thought was that there was a lot of potential room to grow without spending any money on Google ads or other social media marketing avenues.

Our strategy was two-tiered. First, to redesign the website using a new technology platform, adding relevant service pages and content that will remain search engine friendly. This fixes all technical and on-page SEO errors such as correcting title tags, improving the page content, and user experience.

We created a sitemap of around 60+ detailed pages with a core focus on cosmetic dentistry services such as dental implants, veneers, and clear aligners. The second approach is to publish a lot of new content to help increase the topical authority of the website. We decided to publish around 10,000 - 20,000 words of new content per month to help accelerate the growth of their website.

Turning Their Website Into A Reliable Source Of Information

Fresh, new content that is informative, engaging, and relevant consistently attracts visitors while also ensuring they will want to return the next time a new piece of content becomes available. Google recognizes this kind of user activity and rewards the websites that generate this kind of activity

New content helps their site target a wider range of keywords. This allows websites to target more long-tail keywords and phrases related to their business.

As of September, 6 months into their SEO campaign, we published over 100,000 words of new content!

byford smiles our seo success story

The Results

With the help of consistent content publishing and link building, we manage to dominate their local competitors when it comes to local visibility.

With 80% of their target keywords now ranking #1 in the search results. They saw a 77% increase in phone calls compared to last year and a 200% increase in Google My Business visibility.

They also saw a 150% increase in new patients since we started our SEO campaign!