Burwood Dental Care Case Study

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About Burwood Dental Care

Burwood Dental Care provides modern dentistry services just five minutes away from one of Australia’s most famous shopping destinations – The first Kmart opened in 1969.

Dr Ash Sagar and her team of skilled and dedicated doctors always strives to provide the best possible dental care for their patients while making them feel at ease during each visit, as if they are not in an unfamiliar place.

With the fierce competition in the local area, they knew they would need some expert SEO help to help build brand awareness, increase online visibility, and create a radically productive inbound lead channel.

Our Strategy

We started our campaign with a full website redesign to fix all the technical errors and restructure the website with the right pages and content. Getting the website on track was critical to identifying unforeseen barriers to ranking. We knew every dollar in the campaign budget needed to be leveraged for high-impact activities that would increase their dental practice’s visibility as quickly as possible.

Cleaning The Profile

After we fixed the website, we looked at their off-page link profile and found that the previous dental marketing agency built thousands of spammy and potentially toxic links to their website. So the second step for us was to clean their link profile and start disavowing them using the Google Disavow Tool.

Driving Growth To The Website

Content production and Google My Business optimisation was the core focus of the campaign. So we knew we needed to produce a ton of new content and signals to their listing to help increase their authority and trust in the eyes of Google.

Since starting the SEO campaign around April of 2021. We published a total of 35,000 words of new content as of July 2021.

The Results

1906% Growth in Organic Traffic

With the combination of content production, white-hat link building, and good website structure. We manage to achieve a 1,905% growth in organic traffic since we started the campaign.

Driving Growth To The Website

We manage to improve  21 keywords to the top 3 results totalling about 57 commercial keywords in the top 3 results, including the main keyword “Dentist Burwood”, that’s being search around 1600 per month!

Our Testimonials

Feedback From Mark Sagar, Owner of Burwood Dental Care

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