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How To Pick The Right SEO Agency For Your Dental Practice

When it comes to choosing a Dental SEO company, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Many companies make big promises about getting your website to the first page of Google search results, but few can actually deliver on those guarantees. So, how do you choose the right SEO company for your dental clinic? Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Your experience and patient loyalty will not be enough to keep you afloat in the 21st century. Dental marketing entails more than just word-of-mouth referrals and traditional advertising.

Hiring a dental SEO company can help you dramatically improve your dental practice’s online presence and visibility since they understand how to build and manage an online marketing strategy for dental practices.

It’s critical to invest in high-quality dental SEO services that could tailor a dental marketing strategy designed to establish your business as the authority in your industry and your local area. They are also intended to assist you in converting prospective patients into paying dental patients at your practice.

Specialising in the dentistry market is one thing, but it doesn’t mean dental SEO methods are one-size-fits-all. The SEO company in charge of your SEO strategy should ideally have worked in another dental clinic with great success so that they properly grasp the needs and peculiarities of a dental business. Choosing the right topics is critical to success, just like having a decent website structure. To gain SEO benefits, you as dental practice owners, don’t have to be an optimization expert yourself, but you do need a dental SEO agency that produces results.

Key Questions to Ask Your SEO Agency

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Aside from asking them what their names are and where they’re based, the following are some effective questions to ask your potential dental marketing partner.

What's the difference between you and other SEO companies?

As you research the best SEO businesses, you’re narrowing your options in order to find the ideal fit for your company. It is beneficial to hear directly from candidates about their most valuable traits and services.

It’s a good idea to ask a company to describe their processes and experience because they’ll have to sell themselves to you. SEO specialists should have a basic understanding of marketing, and their responses to the question, “What makes you different?” are enlightening.

A marketing firm that specialises in dental marketing services and dental marketing strategies will be more efficient than a generalist firm. With dental marketing experts, you can be sure that they understand your goals and have a good grasp of your competitors’ marketing strategies. You also wouldn’t have to explain very much to them because they already have a lot of experience with marketing for the dental field.

Walk me through your SEO process

Ask the SEO specialists to lay out the usual cornerstones of their strategies. Contextual scenarios can help you gauge their proficiency in a number of services. If you also run PPC ads on Google and social media platforms, then it’s beneficial to explore how SEO plays into these efforts.

What tools do you use for your SEO campaigns?

As a small business owner looks to hire an SEO company, they will want tools that can help them diagnose the condition of their site and backlinking practices. The popular choices among professionals in this niche include Ahrefs and SEMrush, here at Shoutout Digital, some of our top tools to help with our clients campaigns are:

SEO Tools:

  • Google Search Console
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog
  • Local Falcon
  • Frase & Surfer SEO


How long will it take to see the results?

Well, that depends on the dental company. Some brands may have a more accelerated rate of growth or less competition in their local areas. Those who already have a good online reputation may have a faster climb to the first page than those who are just starting out. In general, it can take years for them to reach the top position, but you should see movement within the first six months!

A lot goes into ranking well in search engines—including resources like time and employees—but no matter what type you’re working with, there’s always going to be some sort of wait period before seeing any real progress.

SEO is a continuous process: it’s a cycle of studying, implementing changes, and tracking, and the cycle is repeated. SEO is built on the foundation of long-term business growth, but you can still gauge the competence of SEO experts based on their responses.

You should be able to get a sense of how long it will take to see results from your SEO and content marketing efforts. While they won’t be able to pinpoint a certain date for achieving specific marketing objectives, they can make an educated guess based on past digital marketing campaigns they’ve worked on that were in a similar position to your dental practice in terms of goals and objectives.

How do you track the success of your SEO campaign?

It is important that the metrics used by these professionals match up well with what you want from their work. Suppose they provide information on how visitors respond when arriving at your page, as well as evidence of whether or not those interactions lead directly towards achieving business goals. 

The typical dental marketing agency will depend on Google Analytics as their starting point for gauging and evaluating your website’s analytics and the quality of search traffic your site is getting. Some would say that it’s a success if you land on the first page and use that as the ultimate measurement for success. But it is better if the dental marketing company understands your marketing objectives and includes the delivery of solid ROI’s as part of the metrics.

Read our SEO Success Stories to learn more about our SEO campaigns.

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How do you report on the campaign?

You can’t always be in direct contact with your SEO specialists, so it’s important to hire a company that will let you have access to and control of what they’re doing. Reports provide this flexibility by letting businesses see how their marketing campaign is progressing on an ongoing basis. The right SEO company will work with you to find the best way for your business’s needs. Some of our clients want custom reports that give them a detailed look at how their marketing campaign is going, while others want more general information like trends and exceptions across different keywords or pages on their website. It all depends on what they want from us!

You can monitor how your site is progressing and where it might be improved, so you’re always up to date. SEO specialists typically send out reports in increments, and these could be weekly, monthly, or quarterly in nature. When it comes to our campaigns, we use a real-time dashboard to keep our clients informed of how the campaign is progressing in real-time.

Do you have any case studies?

The SEO company probably won’t provide you with a list of their clients because it’s private information. However, if they have success stories and positive reviews from other people who have used them before, then we can assume that this business does good work! You should be able to find a lot of case studies or customer reviews from a good SEO company to show you how they’ve done in the past.

SEO efforts can be judged based on customer reviews and direct access to the client’s website to check out the results for yourself. You’ll be able to get a sense of the team’s personality and SEO skills, which is important if you’re going to be working with them. Even more important is the fact that case studies go from the beginning of the campaign to the end. Besides that, they often share important data, like the number of people who came to the site organically and became actual patients in the past year.

What improvements would you suggest on our website?

An SEO audit is a good way to get started with your own website optimization. You can ask experts for their opinion on what you should do differently, which will help form the strategy that works best for your site’s needs and weaknesses.

However, despite the common misconception, you don’t need to know what SEO firms are planning to do to counter this. They can give you a good indication of how well you and they get along if they give you an honest critique of your usability, design, and content. Off-page SEO analysis and mentions across the Internet and social media must be included in a full SEO audit, which requires additional research and tools. You can’t diagnose your site on the first look, but you can ask the SEO business for an overview of the most basic difficulties that are preventing your page from being ranked number one on Google.

How much does it cost?

When looking through a list of their SEO packages, the prices should be understandable without excessive hidden fees. The experts would break down what your dollars and cents are going toward, so you know exactly how much the SEO campaign costs, which can sometimes involve complex projects like content creation or link building. Inexpensive services often come with warning signals because executing strong practises isn’t cheap!

Low-grade tactics like obtaining cheap links are a dead giveaway why the SEO pricing might be eerily low. An investment in time and well-crafted content should also involve an investment of funds, so make sure you discuss payment methods before signing up for any partnerships!

How will my website change if we decide to stop the SEO campaign?

When you are on your own, it’s important to make sure that the site continues functioning and thrives. Your content should be able to support itself without any issues or complications arising from a separation with an SEO company at some point in time. However, there could potentially be extra costs if you terminate early before their contract ends, so don’t forget about those!

Common Red Flags to Watch Out For

common red flags to watch out for

When it comes to SEO, there are two schools of thought that you need to be aware of. The first is black hat methods, which Google does not approve or condone and will penalise your site over time for using them. Meanwhile, “white hat” refers to ethical practises where one works alongside the Google’s webmaster guidelines ethically instead of utilising strategies for them to gain a competitive edge in the Google SERP’s like link building.

So what are the common red flags you need to watch out for when hiring your next dental SEO company?

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We guarantee the number 1 ranking.

Google has very strict policies in place to ensure the integrity of their search engine. If you’re contacted by an SEO company offering promises that your website will be “ranking # 1”, it should raise some red flags because this goes against what Google stands for and nobody can ever guarantee a specific page rank. Black hat tactics might work easier than honest ones, but even though your ranking may move up quickly at first, it’ll always come down later on due to penalties, or Google could even remove your website from their index.

The price is too good to be true.

Generally speaking, there are two categories of SEO: those who are effective and those who are terrible. Knowing the difference between the two could save your dental practice tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary marketing expenses.

The first page of Google is a result of excellent SEO strategy. It boosts your website’s traffic, clicks, and patients each month. At the very least, you should expect to pay at least $1,500 per month for professional SEO services in the dental industry. Even so, keep in mind how quickly your money will pay for itself.

Good SEO’s know how much they are worth to a business. So when you start receiving SEO proposals for $500 per month you really need to ask them how did they come up with $500.

Either they are cutting corners or they have no idea what they are doing.

We will build hundreds, if not thousands, of new backlinks per month.

SEO companies have long recognised the importance of backlinks in search engine rankings. If done correctly, link-building has no downsides, and we make this service available to our regular dental SEO clients.

As part of your entire content strategy, it is important to have a broad backlink and relationship network in place to get started. Earned links are a result of earned media. Guest posting on websites that are relevant to your industry or writing interesting content that people want to link to is a great way to get links. You can also use your contacts and connections in the industry to get more high-quality backlinks.

It’s a red flag if link building is at the top of the strategy. “Black Hat” SEO strategies entail the purchase of links from “link farms” or the provision of links in exchange for money. It’s possible for Google and other search engines to penalise websites for this.

When it comes to backlinks it’s always “Quality over quantity”.

We have a secret strategy that we can't share.

With the ever-changing world of SEO, it’s hard to find that one thing. But there are some tactics that seasoned professionals always use and read up on industry blogs alike–and these will never change! If someone claims they have a special methodology nobody knows about yet promises you success “in a matter of days, or weeks,” then chances are they’re offering something that doesn’t really exist outside of their imagination.

We all know that SEO is important, but what sets an agency apart as a business partner for your brand? Their understanding of your industry and space. Anyone can optimise any page to rank well in search engines, but it’s not just about that; there are other factors too, like knowing how digital marketing strategies connect to reach your target audience and potential patients.

Read our SEO Success Stories to learn more about our SEO campaigns.

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We can do all the work for less

If a dental marketing agency tells you they are going to do all the work at a lower price. In that case, it’s either they’re lying and not going to do all the work and half-ass most of it, or they have really low self-esteem and don’t value themselves.

A good marketing agency will consider all the marketing efforts and price them accordingly. The more money you pay for marketing, the more likely it is that the digital marketing agency will put all of their resources (human and technological) into your marketing campaign.

We can submit your website to hundreds of search engines.

A digital marketing company that says this is looking down on you and your general knowledge of how search engines work. You don’t need to submit anything; you just need to open your website to crawlers, and the search engines will do it themselves.

We know someone who works at Google.

“I know a guy” isn’t really a reassuring statement for any transaction. It usually goes like this: “One of our sources used to work for Google, and he knows the ins and outs of the system and algorithm.” When you hear that, run. Those “secrets” aren’t really secrets, and most marketing experts already know this.

And honestly, Google uses its algorithm to rank websites. Does that mean their “guy” will disrupt the system and the status quo and risk their good-paying job to help with a marketing plan for local dental services? 

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book a strategy session

Final Thoughts

A successful SEO campaign is a collaborative effort between your company and the agency. The success of this approach relies on many factors, including careful planning, constant communication to ensure that both parties understand what’s going on with each other, and an atmosphere where mutual understanding can thrive. 

At the end of the day, it is you who will be judged by how well your company’s online presence performs in search engines like Google or Bing! It is critical for business owners to carefully evaluate any prospective agencies before appointing them as marketing partners; one wrong move could jeopardise a company’s reputation in the long run.

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