Facebook Ads Guide 2020: Marketing on a Budget

Facebook Ads Guide 2020: Marketing on a Budget

Did you know that 1 out of 50 people who liked your page will see your post on their news feed?

Long gone are the days of posting on your Facebook and all of your Facebook fans will see the post. Organic reach of business pages is almost none existent that’s why more and more businesses are transitioning to a paid post to compensate.

But as we all know, small businesses don’t have the same marketing budget as a billion-dollar company.

In this post, we are sharing some of the essential tips to get the most of your Facebook advertising budget.

Post with Intent

these days simply posting things on your facebook page and hoping someone sees them no longer works. You need to have a goal and decide what you are looking to accomplish with that post.

The best way to do this is to look at your Facebook insights to understand what posts are getting more interaction with your audience.

Here’s a detailed infographic to guide you on how to use the Facebook Insights tool.

Use a content calendar

We’re all busy. And when we’re busy without a plan in place for the tasks we have to get done, things inevitably slip through the cracks. Social media content is no exception.

Just like with blogging, a successful social media strategy requires regular publishing and engaging with followers to see positive results — whether that be in terms of SEO, brand recognition, lead generation, or all three.

Here are some of the most popular Content Calendar tools that you can check out.


Trello is another organisational tool that’s highly effective for team collaboration. More specifically, social media managers can use Trello’s flexible assignment “cards” and customizable “boards” and “lists” to map out to-do lists, manage a content calendar, plan a campaign, and house ideas from a brainstorm.

Social media calendar created on Trello

Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheets

Marketers might already use Excel for different types of reports and data analysis in their roles, but it’s a highly useful tool for social media content calendar organisation, too. Excel can be customised according to whatever priorities or metrics a team is focused on, so it’s an excellent tool for planning.

Social media calendar ideas organized on an Excel spreadsheet


Evernote is a note-taking app that marketers can use to keep track of all the moving parts that comprise a social media campaign.

The tool also features yearly, monthly, weekly, and hourly logs, which make it easy to keep track of when you’re publishing content on social media when you’re producing blog content, and other team-wide priorities. (Evernote offers customizable templates for each of these that can be downloaded into the app.)

Optimise your Facebook Business Page

When creating your Business Facebook page, think of it as your own website. You can set up different tabs that work as a navigational menu of your page. Hence, it’s essential that you organise them so your customers can find the information they need quickly.

Very simple things like adding review tabs are often overlooked but can make or break the user’s experience.

Create your own group/community

By creating your own community inside your Facebook page, you can get more organic reach than your regular business page.

You can easily communicate with your audience without spending anything to boost your posts.

Here’s how to add a group to your Facebook page.

how to add group facebook page

Posts On Your Facebook Story

Facebook story tend to have a casual feel and users tend to engage more on content and posts like this. Some of the most successful facebook stories we’ve seen are Behind the scenes and business updates.

We have also seen an increase in the popularity of live feeds where you can interact with your audience and fans directly.

Boosts Your Posts

There’s no denying that Facebook business page organic reach has dropped significantly. So if you are having a big sale or a promotion, it’s worth it too boosts your facebook posts so all of your Facebook fans can see the offer.

Try using different types of content, messaging, images and posting times to see what can help you get the most out of your marketing budget.

One of the most powerful aspects of using facebook posts is you can custom tailor the audience by location, age, and so on.

Here’s a step by step guide how to boosts your posts on facebook.

how to boost posts on facebook

Boosts Posts and Facebook Advertising Combo

By creating multiple ads and boosting the ads with a budget of roughly $30 to $50 to drive engagement to your ad. This will also tell you which ads are getting more engagements such as likes, comments and shares.

Once you have generated significant engagement, you can use that exact same boosted posts as your primary conversion ads.

Ads with likes, comments and shares generally convert better than an ad without any engagement.

Create Your Custom Audience

One of the most effective ways to get the most out of your marketing budget is to retarget users who already engaged with your brand or business.

You can create hundreds of different custom audiences and run various tests.

Our tip is to run video ads to an audience who never heard about your business. For example, if you are an electrician, you can create a video talking about “10 electricity safety at home”.

After a few days, you can then send another ad to people who watched your video ad offering a discount on home electrical health check,

By using the method, you are only sending your offers to people who are interested in your service or product getting the most out of your marketing budget.

Use different bidding strategies

One of the most important ways to create a successful facebook marketing campaign is to test different bidding strategies.

For example, you can create multiple ad sets with an exact same copy but with different bidding strategies, let it run for a couple of weeks and then turn off the underperforming ad sets.

Facebook uses data to find the best customers accurately and if you only started advertising, recently, Facebook won’t have enough data on your business account. Facebook typically need 15 to 25 conversions per week to find the best audience so if you don’ have 25 purchases then it’s best to set the conversion event that’s closer to the top of your sales funnel.

Capitalise on link retargeting.

If you’re using Facebook retargeting ads to boost conversions and attract visitors to your website, you should use link retargeting. This allows you to build your retargeting lists and reach the audience who haven’t visited your website before.

“Basically link retargeting allows you to add Facebook retargeting pixels to your short link when sharing curated content. Anyone who clicks on this content can be retargeted with relevant ads, So you can retarget people who’ve clicked on media coverage, reviews or industry news related to your business, even if the link led to a third-party website.”

Final Tip

Don’t be scared to run multiple tests on your Facebook account. We understand it can be quite scary watching facebook eat all your marketing budget without conversion. But know that this budget is not wasted since you are feeding your account relevant data and information.

Once facebook understands who’s your target audience conversion and sales will start coming in. Understand that it’s in Facebook’s best interest for your ads to be successful because the more successful you are on their platform, the more money they make out of you.

If you want a tip or advise how to run a facebook campaign properly, we are happy to help you out with our 30-minute no-obligation strategy call.

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