418 Percent Increase In Organic Traffic

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Project Overview

Topline Clothesline provides an innovative & modern way to dry clothes indoors. With this new technology of indoors electric clothes drying, you get a fantastic product that is not available anywhere else in the country. These can be easily installed, mounted on brackets on ceilings or walls, and the height can be adjusted. 

Yet, with the traditional marketing approach such as shopping centre booth’s & trade shows, the sales figures were really low- the website’s conversion rate was as low as 0.3%. Initially, the traffic on their website was inconsistent. We realized that even the best and the most innovative products need to be marketed correctly. The old style of advertising in local retail markets and conventional marketing did not work anymore. The company wanted to grow, and the most obvious method was to embrace online digital marketing.


Our Solution

We redesigned the website after thoroughly analysing the market. The new website is focused on converting as many visitors as possible into paying customers. We also restructured the site using proper Title Tags & Meta Descriptions and implemented an internal linking strategy to pass the authority to inner pages.

We implemented an SEO strategy that focuses on content & white-hat link building methods to target extremely competitive keywords such as “Clothes lines” that’s being searched 18,000 timers per month.

The Results

Our effective SEO strategy has helped to attract more organic visitors to the website and increase organic search sales by 372% and a 418% increase in organic search visitors. The company has managed to achieve the target of being on the first result page for the keyword such as “Clothes lines” and “Indoor Clothes Lines

200 %
Increase In Organic Search Visitors
150 %
Increase in Google Search Sales
30 %
Increase In Total Orders
130 %
Increase In Website Conversion Rates
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