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SEO Case Study Stratarama by Shoutout Digital

Project Overview

Stratarama is a well-known management company that has been working to make living cost-effective and enjoyable. They have been providing services to various owners under the same scheme of strata. 

Comparatively new to the management market, Stratarama could not get that edge over its competitors that it desired. Faced with tight competition from its competitors who were in business for the last 10-20 years. Tony and his team at Stratarama reached out to Shoutout Digital to help create a plan to attract clients that are looking for a new Strata management company.


Our Solution

The first step in all of our local digital marketing campaigns is to get to know the ins-and-outs of our client’s business, their competition and the industry as a whole.

The initial research we conducted for Stratarama gave us a great understanding of competition in the Strata Management, the marketing and SEO strategies that work well, and what we could do to get them to the number 1 position in Google’s search engine results pages.

Some of the things we implemented:

SEO Case Study Stratarama by Shoutout Digital

The Results

The results of implementing SEO were that Stratarama achieved a page 1 rank on all its keywords that we targeted and helped increase the organic traffic to 500%. By utilizing an effective SEO strategy, Stratarama was able to take advantage of many searches of their services and capture more of the local Adelaide market. We implemented a strategy to focus on the keyword related to strata management and Body Corporate to drive high traffic to the Stratarama site

new users Stratarama
200 %
Increase In Organic Search Visitors
150 %
Increase in New Website Visitors From Google Search
30 %
Of Keywords Targeted On Page 1
Commercial Keywords On Top 1-3
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