Our Campaign By The Numbers
Increase In Number Leads Per Month
Improvement In Site Speed
More Bookings in the First 3 Months

Catching Up With The Competition

The client is a privately-owned company who has been operating for years. They recently discovered why they were not retaining clients and gaining new ones, as their marketing efforts lagged far behind their competition, especially digitally.

Their competitors were having marked success via digital channels while our client primarily relied on conventional marketing. This is where we stepped in to help them gain visibility on search engines, on keywords that matter.

Their Goal

We helped our client define the goals and targets for their average monthly spend on marketing. Previously, they had spent nearly $5,000 per month on combined digital marketing services, with less-than satisfactory results.

When we initiated the first set of goals, with clear roadmap agreed upon, it was time to clean up the website and get started on growing their online presence.

Website Audit

We audited the existing web site to detail the work needed to improve traffic and conversions.

Content Clean-Up & Website Optimization

We cleaned the content and removed the unnecessary elements to improve the website speed.

Keyword Research

We started targeting keywords with booking intent

Our Strategy

Our team’s experience has enabled many businesses to thrive against competition, even up against franchises.

Before we started implementing optimizations to the website, we audited the existing site to detail the work needed to improve traffic and conversions.

Our roadmap established the foundations needed to grow their website traffic with all the essentials such as Google My Business page setup, Scheme Implementation, and Keyword Research.

Once the essentials to our roadmap were implemented, we then cleaned the content and removed the unnecessary elements to improve the site-speed and user experience as we proactively reviewed the performance each month to our updates, and reactively modified them.

For keywords that were underperforming and couldn’t be helped with improved copy, we simply removed them.

Once we started to gain traffic from specific keywords and search strings, we then started to expand the list of targeted keywords to attract new customers, build awareness to pre-existing clients.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation,
hard work, and learning from failure.
– Paul Tournier

Their Success

SEO was critical in growing who cared for different office spaces, to attract new type of clientele including commercial business centers and corporate offices.

The evolution of their clients, transformed the success of their business in many ways including.

Our Campaign By The Numbers
More Leads By The Start of the 4 month Working With Us
Website Visits Compared to 312 The Month Before Our Campaign
New Inquiries Since Starting The SEO Campaign
Bookings Were Repeat Customers

SEO Done Right

Being in a large and competitive market for commercial cleaning services, the result of SEO allowed them to have visibility into the demand for residential cleaning.

Our Search Engine Optimization solutions enabled them to pivot and expand their fulfilment to cater residential clients.

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