700 Percent Increase In Organic Traffic

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700% Increase in Organic Traffic Case Study by Shoutout Digital

Project Overview

Peel dental Studio was earlier known as the Pinjarra Road Dental Clinic Mandurah and is the brainchild of Dr. Ross Bailey. They had been catering to his patients to offer them preventive dental healthcare. Dr. Ross and his supporting staff use state of the art technology and employed new techniques to provide a satisfying dental experience to the local Mandurah community.

Peel dental studio has been in the business for over 35 years and doing well, but then, they realised that they don’t have a patient acquisition system and mainly relying on referrals. They had a website, but that was not enough to market their business well. The clinic aimed to increase its digital presence and target the younger demographic crowd. This included those in their early twenties as well as the young families. 

Local dental SEO helped them achieve this. It helped to increase the traffic to the website, which increased customer appointments. With the well-optimized website and the right content that answered patients’ queries, the dental clinic could market its services online.


Our Solution

We redesigned the Peel dental studio website and implemented top-notch SEO strategies to increase the website’s organic visibility and conversion rate. This helped to funnel the target patients. We focused on promoting their emergency and cosmetic dental services.

The Results

With digital marketing services, the redesigned website and the SEO strategy increased the dental studio’s organic traffic to more than 700% in the first year itself. The website is designed to be conversion-focused, which helped convert 25% of the visitors to leads.

Today SEO is an integral part of running your business online. Patients prefer to search for a dentist in their area through recommendations from acquaintances or do an online search to determine the local dentists. This is where digital marketing companies come into the picture to help the dental clinics to stand out and rank higher than their local competitors.

SEO is ever-changing; it has to be tailor-made according to the business goals and data from past campaigns.

200 %
Increase In Organic Search Visitors
150 %
Increase in Goal Conversion
Booked Appointments in 7 months
130 %
Increase In Phone Calls
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