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Building A Place Online For Young Professionals

Launched back on 2017, the online magazine was founded by a professional news media industry who had firsthand experience with difficulties of starting a career. They realised there was a lack of actionable advice written by young professionals for young professionals.

Our client started their online magazine with the purpose of providing a place where young people could read about the experiences of each other and gain inspiration for a succesful career.

Their Goal

For any online magazine, the ultimate goal is to increase readership. As an online magazine without a print version, being discoverable via organic search is critical to its survival. Helping them increase the number of new readers was the primary goal of our SEO campaign. By the time we came on board, the website already existed with great content but there was not a keyword strategy in place to boost it’s organic ranking.

SEO Content Strategy

We build a thorough content strategy for our client

Keyword Strategy

We focused on keywords that were local in nature to build authority faster.

Link Building Strategy

We started our link building campaigns once we generated enough authority for our client

Our Strategy

For the magazine we focused on keywords that were local in nature because they were much easier to rank for and would allow us to build authority for the online magazine faster. This strategy is not ideal for all types of organic SEO campaigns as the related local keywords may be as difficult or more difficult than the organic keywords.

They wanted us to start the campaign focusing on the organic keywords and we did started building authority for these keywords but most of our efforts were focused on local keywords.

Within two months we had 11 out of 17 ocal keywords on the first page with 5 keywords in the top spot. Just two months later, we had 13 keywords on the first page, 7 in the top spot and we started to see the movement for our organic keywords.

Fast forward to the sixth month and our client is on the first page for several organic keywords.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation,
hard work, and learning from failure.
– Paul Tournier

Their Success

Trusting our experience has paid off for our client. Within six months, their website was ranking organically for several keywords they never could have dreamed of ranking for. Both the number of new readers and the number of returning readers has increased dramatically.

Our Campaign after 6 months
Average readers per day
Increase in organic traffic since campaign started
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Results That Speak For Themselves

When an online magazine can be discovered online via organic search, it’s the beginning of their success. A local audience can help readership get off the ground but it is rarely sufficient to lead to a profitable business. Furthermore, our client’s ambitions were to great for just a local audience. By leveraging a strong SEO campaign to build local readership, in a short amount of time we turned that into a national audience.

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